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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams

  • Subject Welcome to Daejeon! Tourism Promotion Committee on Full Operation
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  • Date 2016-04-07
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Welcome to Daejeon! Tourism Promotion Committee on Full Operation

“Visit us in Daejeon~!”
The Daejeon Metropolitan City government rolled its sleeves and worked very hard to raise the brand enhancement of the city and to revitalize its local economy through promotion of tourism. The government has signed a "Business Agreement for Daejeon Tourism" agreement with the Daejeon Tourism Association as well as 7 related institutions. This occurred at the City Hall on the 22nd of March.

Signing Ceremony - Business Agreement for Daejeon Tourism

[Signing Ceremony - Business Agreement for Daejeon Tourism]

The city government and the associated tourism institutions have adopted the agreement in order to attract more tourists to Daejeon, thereby taking advantage of the possibility for an abundant experience and a growth in professionalism for the organizations. According to the agreement, the Daejeon Municipality and the signed institutions have agreed to cooperate for the promotion of regional tourism and to expand the tourism infrastructure in Daejeon.

Tourist Attractions in Daejeon

[Tourist Attractions in Daejeon]

Tourism Promotion Committee Full Operation
The Daejeon city government will operate a working-level council composed of various tourism related institutions based on today’s agreement. The working-level council will search for trends and cooperative business opportunities for active tourism industry. This will be conducted through the monthly meetings, and they will organize a council committee comprised of field experts in order to establish an aggressive marketing strategy, such as online advertisement. Mayor Kwon Sun-Taik said, “It is imperative that we develop tourist facilities throughout our city and to upgrade them as tourism asset.” He also said “This agreement will be a great opportunity to improve the tourism in our city.”

Tourism Photo Contest Winners of Daejeon Tourist Attractions

[Tourism Photo Contest Winners of Daejeon Tourist Attractions]

Meanwhile, Daejeon is conducting a "Look around, First" project, through which citizens can become informed of our desire to cultivate pride in tourism first, before they can inform the tourists of our local tourism resources.