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  • Subject Making Safe City from Traffic Accidents
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  • Date 2019-02-28
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Eighty-five people died in traffic accidents in our city last year.

Someone’s fathers, mothers, children, and friends...., precious lives were lost on the roads.

If they had valued other people’s lives first, they would be living with their family and friends right now.


So, Daejeon City & City Council, Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education, Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency, Korea Transportation Safety Authority, Daejeon Traffic Broadcasting Corporation, Daejeon Citizens' Council have decided to join forces.

[The Convention on Making Safe City from Traffic Accidents]

Making Safe City from Traffic Accidents

Mayor Her Tae-Jeong signed a business agreement to make a safe city from traffic accidents with Daejeon City Council Chairman Kim Jong-cheon, Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Seol Dong-ho, Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency Director Hwang Woon-ha,  Korea Transportation Safety Authority Director Song Byung-ho, TBN Daejeon Transportation Broadcasting Director Seol Yong-sook, and Daejeon Citizens’Council President Han Jae-deuk. 


[Business Agreement to make safe city from traffic accidents]

Under the agreement, Daejeon City will proactively eliminate causes of traffic accidents and provide administrative and financial support, focusing on pedestrians’ safety in transportation policy.

The government will strengthen joint inspection to select vulnerable areas that could cause traffic accidents, and will establish preventive measures. 

It also plans to spread the program to tailor the education and practice according to the characteristics of each institution to improve the traffic culture index and enhance the sense of safety for citizens. 

Transit of Transportation Policy Paradigm

The traffic fatalities in Daejeon totaled 88 in 2015, 89 in 2016, 81 in 2017 and 85 last year.

It shows 46 deaths in vehicle-to-pedestrian (54.1%), 26 deaths in vehicle-to-vehicle (30.6%), 13 deaths in vehicle only accidents (15.3%). In particular, 24 elderly people accounted for out of 46 pedestrian deaths.

Therefore, Daejeon City will propel Safe City from Traffic Accidents, investing KRW 90 billion till 2022.

First of all, the government will build up more crosswalks, reduce waiting time at crosswalks, extending walking time, installing illegal crossing blocks and crosswalk lightings for safe walking. In particular, safety facilities designated to vulnerable pedestrians will be constructed around 35  elementary schools. 


[Sample of well lighted intersection]

In addition, to reduce senior citizens’ traffic accidents, the government will introduce a voluntary return system for aged driver’s license. It also will lower the speed limit, improve hazardous road condition, build more traffic circles and more control CCTVs.

Mayor Her said “Expanding and practicing traffic safety culture is a promise of love for both ourselves and the citizens” adding, “Let us work together to make each organizations a safe and livable city”.


[Mayor Her Tae-Jeong on the Making Safe City from Traffic Accidents on 11th]

For more information, contact Public Transportation Policy Division at 042-270-5711.