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  • Subject Tram confirmed as a National Balanced Development Project! Opening in 2025
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  • Date 2019-03-05
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Daejeon Metro Line 2 is got on the track.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance, Mr. Hong Nam-gi, announced that Daejeon Tram Line is picked up as one of the projects exempted from feasibility study among balanced national development projects.


[Daejeon Tram Design Competition Award Winner - D'TRAM]

Daejeon Metro Tram, 23-year-old citizens’wish, is on the track!

Daejeon Metro Line 2 was approved by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation along with the Subway Line 1 in 1996.

Then, the construction of Line 1 had been delayed and the government’s preliminary feasibility study passed in November 2012 with the Meglev train on elevated system, and the project seemed to be going ahead opening in 2018.  However 6th elected government reconsidered the elevated system in July 2014 and changed the system into roadbed train system in December. The project had returned to its original point to get feasibility test again.

Making matters worse, the construction of the Chungcheong Metro Project using the Gyungbu and Honam Lines as urban railroads was pushed as planned. As the construction of Line 2 was delayed, 5 km between Daedong and Gasoowon of the Chungcheong Metro Line became redundant. It was virtually impossible to go through a preliminary feasibility study in the condition of two tracts in the same direction, because of cost-effect. As a result, Daejeon City had divided this section into two sections and re-examined the rest of the section as a first-phase project and it was another problem. 

Solution of Redundant Parts of the Lines

In January last year, Korea Development Institute (KDI) conducted a re-investigation on the first stage of the project except the section between Domadong and Gasoowon.

However, the possibility and time was unclear of because it was difficult to predict the exact demand for the new means of transportation.

[Tram Models]

With the 7th government of civil election, the city of Daejeon was able to achieve the result of exemption of feasibility study on the project in line with the government’s balanced national development infrastructure project. 

Full-Scale Promotion of Opening in 2025

Daejeon Metro Tram, 37.4㎞ (36 stops) full circulation line, is intended to open in 2025 with a total cost of KRW 695 billion(as of 2017).

Daejeon Tram will be the world’s first wireless system. This is expected to be an eco-friendly future public transportation that is advantageous for cityscape because it will run on batteries unlike conventional trams.

Daejeon City has already secured 5 billion won (3 billion of national budget) for tram design.

Based on this, Daejeon is planning to speed up the project to get approval of  the basic plan change during the first half of this year and start designing during the third quarter.

The City expects the construction of Metro Line 2 to boost the local economy, including 9,661 job positions and KRW 1.546 trillion (US$ 1.2 billion) of production inducement. 


[Mayor Her Tae-Jeong briefs the Tram Project of national government‘s balanced development plan]

Please contact the Metro Transportation Division at 042-270-6061 for more information.