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  • Subject Daecheong Lake, selected as Korea’s Representative Tour Brand
  • Name Admin
  • Date 2019-04-04
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Waters and land meander as if looking at small islands.  
Scenery of rocks exposed on the surface of the water.
If you look at the beautiful Daecheong Lake, your body and mind will be at ease.


[Daecheong Lake]

Walking with Artists in Daecheong Lake
‘Walking with artists at Daecheong Lake, an inland sea’ is selected as one of the top 10 list of 2019 Eco-theme Tourism Project by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The tour program selected is a three-course theme trip to Daecheong Lake. 

No.1 Track (Walking with Daecheong Lake artists)
Daejeon Station → Trip Support Center → Chudong Wetland Park Healing Meditation(Drama shooting location) → Lunch → Experience of natural dyeing → Chudong wetland conservation area    6 hours in total


[Daecheong Lake Obaekri-Gil Eco-Tourism]

No.2 Track (Daecheong Lake ecological experience theme trip)
Daejeon Station → Lee Hyun-dong Giant Wetland Park (Ceramics Workshop) → Lunch → Pumpkin Theme Park → Daecheong Lake Natural Ecology Hall (Dorandoran Concert) → Up Cycling Experience   6 hours in total


[Daecheong Lake Natural Ecology Hall]

No.3 Track  (Travel to the history of Daecheong Lake with liberal arts)
Daejeon Station → Trip Support Center → Drama and film shooting location(Liberal arts trip) → Lunch → Chudong Wetland Park(green shower) → Daecheong Lake Photobox(Shooting self-portrait)→Daecheong Dam, Water Exhibition Hall →  (Day2) Breakfast → Making a trip book → Lunch → Tour to old downtown → Daejeon Station   2 days in total


[Section 4 Daecheong Lake Obaekri-Gil, famous for shooting places of dramas and movies]

With this selection, Daejeon will receive 500 million KRW in government funding from this year to the year of 2021. By adding the city budget of the same amount, Daejeon aims to develop Daecheong Lake as Korea’s representative eco tour destination. In addition, Daejeon plans to provide visitors with a variety of attractions and experiences by installing story sculptures and unmanned measuring instruments with a theme of flagship species.

For further details, please contact Tourism Marketing Division(042-270-3991)