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  • Subject Free installation of fire fighting facilities in fire-prone areas
  • Name Admin
  • Date 2019-06-12
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Citizens’safety must be absolutely guaranteed.

There should be no discrimination because of their region and wealth.


The apartment complex is equipped with fire fighting facilities including fire hydrant, but the old private residential area is not even accessible to fire trucks, let alone fire extinguishers.

So, Daejeon City Government is providing fire fighting facilities for free to houses in the vulnerable areas.


[Launching ceremony for the Volunteer Fire fighter Team of installing residential fire fighting facilities held in the Uam Historical Park on May9]

The team will visit houses in vulnerable areas and install fire-fighting facilities free of charge in ordinary houses to reduce the damage caused by fire. They will also provide fire safety education to residents such as how to use fire extinguishers.


[Mayor Her Tae-Jeong visited a house in the vulnerable area to set up fire-detection system on May9]

The penetration rate of residential fire fighting facilities in Daejeon city stands at 38.2 percent, 3.4 percent above the national average. By 2023, Daejeon city plans to raise the penetration rate of fire fighting facilities in general housing to 95 percent. The city hopes this will help reduce the damage by dealing with fires early.