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  • Subject Beginning of Private Exchange between Daejeon City-Boston in the area of Bio Industry
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  • Date 2019-06-12
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Mayor Her Tae-Jeong's business trip to the USA last month is paying off!

The practical exchange between Daejeon and Boston, the hub of the global bio industry, has begun.


[Mayor Her Tae-Jeong visited Lab Central, Bio startup in Boston, USA on April 17 (local time)]

Recently, Boston-based bio-venture GENOSCO visited Daejeon and promised to jointly research and develop anti-cancer drugs with Ybiologics in Daejeon city


Expectations of Regional Economic Contribution Resulted from Business trip to the USA


Bio-venture GENOSCO, specializing in new drug development in the USA, signed an agreement with Ybiologics, Daejeon-based bio-new drug R&D company for joint research and development of an immune anti-cancer drug.


[Joint R&D Agreement between GENOSCO, bio-venture specializing in new drug development in the USA and Ybiologics, Daejeon-based bio-new drug R&D company]

Accordingly, the two companies plan to verify the efficacy of the combined treatment of immune anticancer antibodies and low-molecular immune anticancer drug that they are developing and pursue clinical research.


Ybiologics has the nation's best source technology of a new anti-body drug and a candidate for a new anti-body drug of immune anti-cancer. GENOSCO led the development of a lung cancer drug called Lazertinib, and is currently working on a low-molecular immune anti-cancer drug.


In contrast to the targeted anti-cancer drug (second-generation anti-cancer drug), which focuses on cancer cell characteristics, the immune anti-cancer drug activates the immune cells of patients to remove cancer cells. However, only 20% to 30% of patients have a therapeutic effect.


The agreement focuses on increasing the rate of curing cancer significantly by combination of low-molecular and targeted anti cancer drugs based on an immune anticancer drug.


The two companies plan to jointly conduct preclinical and clinical trials on this. Meanwhile, Daejeon City plans to build a bio-specialized complex in Daedonggeumtan area by 2025 to foster the bio-industry as a new major industry that will drive urban future growth.