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The Hub of the R&D and Knowledge Industry

Daeduk Research & Development Area

  • The Largest R&D Center in Korea
    • 30 government-funded research institutes, 19 universities, 400 privately funded business R&D centers
    • Institutes such as the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) are located in the city
    • 15% of the total national R & D investment
    • Technical commercialization, promotion of enterprise institutes, technical information provision and support for business exchanges and joint technical development projects through industry-academic cooperation
  • The Central Area for the International Science Business Belt
    • Institute for Basic Science (IBS), development of the heavy ion accelerator
    • The establishment of a foundation for global research (25 research teams) and global business
  • The birthplace of globally recognized R & D between industry and academia and research institutes
    • Approximately 35,000 talents graduate each year from 19 universities, including KAIST, UST, Korea Polytechnic Colleges, and Chungnam National University
    • Employment of 12% of those with doctorate degrees in science and engineering fields in Korea
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute / Korea Aerospace Research Institute / KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) / International Science Business Belt