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An Optimum Business Environment

High-quality, High-skilled Human Resources and Industry-oriented Education

  • 19 universities, including KIAST, UST, and Chungnam National University, and an annual average of 35,000 graduates
  • Industry-oriented education offered by specialized vocational high schools, including Dong-ah Meister High School

Various Financial and Employment Support

  • Financial support for setting up a company and strengthening of competitiveness, production funds with an option to purchase, credit guarantees based on technical evaluation
  • Employment support center, cultivation of high-skilled manpower customized for those with only a high school diploma
  • Job fairs in partnership with universities

A First-ranked City by Number of Venture Companies among Metropolitan Autonomous Cities

Customs Control of Daejeon Customs

  • Customs of general imported/exported packages and goods of research institutes (included all kinds of packages and goods)
  • One-stop service from incoming to outgoing (100 containers available per day)
UST (University of Science&Technology) / KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) / Customs Control of Daejeon Customs