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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams

What is Tashu?

Tashu is an unmanned bike rental system operated by Daejeon Metropolitan City. Citizens can easily rent and return a bike after getting authorization via a Hankkeumi Card or cell phone.

There are 165 unmanned rental centers and 2,175 bicycle racks. The unmanned rental centers are in Doryong-dong, Mannyeon-dong, Dunsan-dong, and Wolpyeong-dong among other areas. The system encourages healthy and happy leisure activity among citizens and foreign visitors. Citizens can rent a bike free for the first 60 minutes and then will be charged after the first 60 minutes. Tashu might sound like Russian but it’s a friendly Chungcheong Province dialect to encourage people to ride a bike.