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Hung Yen Province, Vietnam
(From 2016 to now)

Hung Yen province is located in the Red River Delta, in the Northern Key Economic Zone and the economic triangle Ha Noi-Hai Phong-Quang Ninh. Acting as the Eastern gateway to Hanoi, Hung Yen has 23 km of the National Highway No. 5A and over 20 km of the Ha Noi-Hai Phong railway route. This is an important transportation axis linking southwestern provinces in Northern Delta.


Hung Yen belongs to tropical monsoon area. There are distantly four seasons in a year. The winter is cold, the summer is hot and humid, the spring and autumn have a temperate climate. The average temperature is about 22 – 23oC and the humidity fluctuates greatly, ranging from 80% to 90 %.


Hung Yen plans to build 10 industrial zones on an area of 2,400 ha. Four industrial zones have been put into operation attracting about 380 projects. Around 70% of these industrial parks have been filled, thanks to their favorable location. Hung Yen has particularly focused on luring high tech and environmentally friendly projects and those on mechanics, electronics, and support industry. Every year since 2014 Hung Yen has attracted US$300 to US$350 million worth of foreign investment.

History of Exchanges

History of Exchanges
Apr. 2017 Chairman of Hung Yen Province visits Daejeon
Sep. 2017 LOI was signed during the 2017 APCS in Daejeon
Nov. 2017 Hung Yen delegation visits Daejeon
Sep. 2018 MOU for friendly cooperation was signed in Daejoen
Apr.~Sep. 2019 Hung Yen officer was seconded to Daejeon for K2H program