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(From 2017 to now)
  • Location : Lingya District, Fongshan District, southern Taiwan
  • Population : 2,773,127
  • Area : 2,951.85㎢
  • Website:

Kaohsiung is a city in southern Taiwan. The city proper is a special municipality with an area of 2,952 km2 stretching from the coastal urban centre to the rural Yushan Range. As of 2019, the municipality has a population of 2.77 million, making it the third most populous administrative division and second largest metropolis in Taiwan.

Since founding in the 17th century, Kaohsiung has grown from a small trading village into the political and economic centre of southern Taiwan, with key industries such as manufacturing, steel-making, oil refining, freight transport and shipbuilding. The Port of Kaohsiung is the largest and busiest harbour in Taiwan while Kaohsiung International Airport is the second busiest airport in number of passengers. The city is well-connected to other major cities by high speed and conventional rail, as well as several national freeways. More recent public works such as Pier-2 Art Center, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts and Kaohsiung Music Center have been aimed at growing the tourism and cultural industries of the city.


The written history of Kaohsiung can be traced back to the early 17th century, through archaeological studies have found signs of human activity in the region from as long as 7,000 years ago. Prior to the 17th century, the region was inhabited by the Makatao people of the Siraya tribe, who settled on what they named Takau Isle "Takau" meaning "bamboo forest" in the aboriginal language.


Main landmarks of Kaohsiung city include the 85 Sky Tower, the ferris wheel of the Kaohsiung Dream Mall, the Kaohsiung Arena and Kaohsiung Harbor. The newly developed city is also known for having a large number of shopping streets, organized night markets and newly developed leisure parks such as the Pier-2 Art Center, E-DA Theme Park, Metropolitan Park, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and Taroko Park.

Natural attractions of the city include Shoushan (Monkey mountain), the Love River, Cijin Island, Sizihwan, the Dapingding Tropical Botanical Garden and Yushan National Park at the northeastern tip of the city. The city also features various historical attractions such as the Old City of Zuoying, a historical town built during the early 17th century, the Former British Consulate at Takao built during the late 19th century, and various sugar and crop factories built during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan.


Kaohsiung is a major international port and industrial city in the southwest of Taiwan. As an exporting center, Kaohsiung serves the agricultural interior of southern Taiwan, as well as the mountains of the southeast. Major raw material exports include rice, sugar, bananas, pineapples, peanuts and citrus fruits. The 2,200-hectare Linhai Industrial Park, on the waterfront, was completed in the mid-1970s and includes a steel mill, shipyard, petrochemical complex, and other industries. The city has an oil refinery, aluminum and cement works, fertilizer factories, sugar refineries, brick and tile works, canning factories, salt-manufacturing factories, and papermaking plants. Designated an export-processing zone in the late 1970s, Kaohsiung also attracted foreign investment to process locally purchased raw materials for export.

History of Exchanges

History of Exchanges
2008 Kaohsiung joins the WTA as a special member
Sep. 2010 MOU between Kaohsiung and Daejeon Techno Park
Sep. 2013 Daejeon Delegation participates in the 2013 Kaohsiung APCS
Nov. 2015 Daejeon Delegation visits Kaohsiung
June. 2017 MOU between Daejeon and Kaohsiung
Sep. 2017 Kaohsiung Delegation participates in the 2017 Daejeon APCS
Feb. 2019 Daejeon Delegation participates in the Kaohsiung festival
Aug. 2019 University students of Daejeon participates in the Summer camp for international exchanges in Kaohsiung
Nov. 2019 Daejeon Association of the Deaf visits relevant agencies in Kaohsiung