Daejeon Dullesan-gil Trail

Daejeon Dullesan-gil Trail
Natural Ecology
Around Daejeon

The mountains extend to surround Daejeon, and in between, the Geumnam Jeongmak (mountain range) meet and merge into Geumgang River. From the view from downtown, with the backdrop of the famous mountain of Geumnam Jung mak, Gyeryongsan Mountain in the west, the Geumsubong Peak and the Dodeokbong Peak connect across Sapjae to Gaphasan Mountain and Wusanbong Peak and extend into Geumbyungsan Mountain in the north. In the east, the ridge of Gyejoksan Mountain extends long and peaks at Sikjangsan Mountain, and in the south it embroiders Bomunsan Mountain and Gubongsan Mountain. It meets the ridges and trails of Bingyesan Mountain, Geumsubong Peak and Dodeokbong Peak. From Sep. 19th, 2004, ‘Connecting Dullesan-gil,’ which is guided hiking, encourages citizens to look around the mountains surrounding Daejeon by connecting many easily discoverable mountains of Daejeon. By hiking mountains surrounding Daejeon in connection, visitors can observe various views of the entire Daejeon city and can naturally realize how beautiful Daejeon is. Also, they can appreciate nature and admire Daejeon! Whenever and wherever you observe the surroundings, the mountains of Daejeon nicely approach the horizon. If we can feel joy by looking at the mountains, we can hold the mountains of Daejeon in our mind as they surround the city! To this end, Daejeon Dullesan-gil trail (133 km) course is divided into 12 parts and is included in a public transportation and trail map and a general information brochure to encourage the citizens to hike easily and comfortably. We hope that many citizens enjoy this so that beautiful mountains will once again return to our people’s minds.

Road extending to 133 km

Dullesan-gil that connects mountain to mountain is about 10 km in one section and takes about 7 hours to hike. Dullesan-gil is extensive in length covering Bomunsan Mountain, Odosan Mountain, Maninsan Mountain, Madeulryeong, Sikjansan Mountain, Gyejoksan Mountain, Gubongsan Mountain, Gyeryongsan National Park, Geumbyungsun, Gaphasan Mountain, Bingyesan Mountain, Bangdong Reservoir, and Ppuri Park that surrounds Daejeon. The visitors passing by Daejeon Dullesan-gil become part of nature. Suddenly, I recall old memories. Without us knowing, beauty was always there. The mountain behind my house was also part of Daejeon and the road that I am walking is also connected and surrounding Daejeon. A thought that I was living without noticing the change of colors in the road where I was walking makes me feel solemn. It is a place where you can take off the watch that has been revolving busily for a while, and become a part of nature by feeling the warmth of the trees and taking off stone-like faces. Maybe going there is the best gift to people who are tired of their daily lives.

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