Keumgang Lohas Festival

Keumgang Lohas Festival
Around May Every Year
Keumgang Lohas Daechung Park
Main Programs
- Happiness Sharing Walk Contest
- Happy Bike Grand March

With a theme, ‘fresh nature, healthy people, happy city’, in a special space created by blessed natural environment and Lohas Keumgang project, we host a healthy festival that represents the Republic of Korea and leads lifestyle change through direct experiences by citizens on sites with differentiated subjects「Family, Health, Sharing, Study, Environment」. Around May when flowers start to blossom, the Keumgang Lohas Festival is held at Keumgang Lohas Daechung Park and Eco Park with 40 different experience programs under Daedeok-gu of Daejeon Metropolitan City.

  • 금강로하스축제 관련이미지
  • 금강로하스축제 관련이미지
  • 금강로하스축제 관련이미지
  • 담당부서 : 관광마케팅과
  • 담당자 : 정소희
  • 문의전화 : 042-270-3976