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A dense forest of knowledge, which consists of several research institutes, observatories, museums, and science halls, surrounds the Daedeok Science Road of Daedeok R&D Special District, which is a place where science and nature meet. Unlike other hiking paths, this road is a family-type olle-gil trail where visitors can tour the research complex of the most advanced science related facilities, as well as mountains parks, and streams.

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Daedeok Science Road

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Daedeok Science Road Trail

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Daedeok Science Road
Section Name Course Distance (㎞)/ Time
Course 1 Maebong Wooseongisangil Expo Science Park Doryongjeong (Pavilion) Hwaam crossroads Taejeonsa (temple) Daedeok University Maebong Park Daejeon Education & Science
Research Institute Expo Science Park
11.1 / 3 ~ 4hour
Course 2 Sinseing-Seongdusangil National Science Museum Seongdusan Park Daejeon civil observatory Sanseonggongwon(Park) Chungnam National University Hill Gundong Park
Yuseong District Office National Science Museu
10.0 / 3 ~ 2hour

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