Dolsotbab (hotpot Rice)
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This dish is served rice with mixed grains, millet, bean, sorghum, gingko nut, carrot, fresh vegetable cultivated nearby, and 20 different side dishes. Daejeon’s Hot stone pot rice has a 20 year history and its wholesome taste is differentiated from other Hot stone pot rices.


    ㆍRice : nonglutinous rice, millet, bean, sorghum, gingko nut, carrot
    ㆍSide dish : various vegetables grown nearby, 20 different kinds of vegetable dishes

    How to cook

    Soak the rice in the water and mix it with cooked bean and other grains. Control the heat carefully and cook until the rice looks shiny and is fully cooked.


    This dish has a deeper taste than the traditional Korean rice (Gamasot-bap). It is a favorite for the youth, the middle aged as well as the older generation. It is served with fresh vegetables and other cooked vegetables.

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