Lake Trail

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Gobong Mountain Fortress
43 Jusan-dong dong-gu (Geumseong Village Entrance)
6.0 km
Time Required
  • Route

    Geumseong Village Entrance Bus Top ~ Sangchon Village Entrance ~ Gobong Mountain Fortress ~ Levee ~ Starting Point(Geumseong Village Entrance Bus Top)

  • Route Map

    Deacheonghoban (Gobong Mountain Fortress Cross Road) Route 4-2: Shinseon Rock~Geumseong Village (1.0㎞)~Entrance Bus Stop (1.4㎞)~Sangchon Village Entrance (1.8㎞)~Gobong Mountain Fortress Entrance (2.4㎞)~Gobong Mountain Fortress (2.9㎞)~Sangchon Village Entrance (4.0㎞)~Geomseong Village Entrance (4.5㎞)~Levee Entracen (5.0㎞)~Starting point (6.0㎞)

    Neighboring Scenery

    The shrine of Chupagong Songgi su is located in the Sanchong Village. In the front of the village there are reed fields spread all along the road, and cherry blossom trees are found. Follow the left road of Sangchon Village Center to the valley and you can see signposts and milestones for the monument number 21. Big huge pine trees trails provide cool shade and an armful of oak trees show their beautiful figures. The village on the hill looking over the Deacheongho Lake faces south. It is beautiful and warm-hearted. You can go up to the Gobong Mountain Fortress from the Gayang Turnnel Entrance coming from Okcheon. It is near the Chu-dong hill and can be reached from Gayang Park by car. There is a natural ecology center in Chu-dong. It is a distance of 200m from the hill coming over Gayang Park.

    Route Scenery

    Gobong Mountain Fortress