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Reed Field Trail
San 13 Sanha-dong, Heungjin Village Shisang-dong Dong-gu
3.0 km
Time Required
1 hour
  • Route

    Shinsangdong Parking Lot ~ Heungjin Village Trail ~ Shinsang Reed Field

  • Route Map

    Deacheonghoban (Reed Field Trail) Route 5-1: Shinsang-dong Closed Highway Parking Lot~Heungjin Village Hoban Walking trail (0.2㎞)~corner of the mountain foot (1.0㎞)~Obervatory Resting Area (1.5㎞)~Reed Field (2.0㎞)~Starting Point (3.0㎞)

    Neighboring Scenery

    The Heungjin Village is very close to the closed highway parking lot in Shinsang-dong. A trail that meets the Deacheang Lake is filled with reed fields of the Heungjin Village. It looks like a turnnel. There is a place that looks like an island surrounding the trail and since there is a smooth 1㎞ sands and it is like the sea. After you pass 2/3 of the lake, you can see the vast reed field of Shinsan-dong. Enjoy the trail between reed fields, which will remind you of old times. Wild ducks, white herons visit the march located between the reed field and the lake. You can see them hunting.

    Route Scenery

    Reed Field Trail