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Lotus Flower Village Route
333 Chudong donggu (Daecheongho Management Corporation Parking Lot)
6.5 km
Time Required
2 hours
  • Route

    Chudong Facility Management Corporation Parking Lot ~ Weekend Farm Entrance ~ Stork Rock ~ Lotus Flower Village ~ Jusandong Reed Filled Round Trip ~ Starting Point

  • Route Map

    Deacheonghoban (Lotus Flower Village Trail) Route 6-2 : Chu-dong Facility Management Corporation Parking Lot~Deasan Farm Entrance (0.5㎞)~Samgol Farm (2.0㎞)~Stork Rock (2.5㎞)~Lotus Flower Village (2.8㎞)~Sanchon Village Entrance (3.5㎞)~Starting Point (6.5㎞)

    Neighboring Scenery

    The Lotus Flower Village is called the “culture village” or “creative village.” When the lotus flower festival is held in Wanjusan Village, more than 3,000 people visit there. Around this village there are great restaurants like Cholgol and Samgol Farm. There is a Songyoungho studio where many painters visit and a “Writing Lover Nottari House” where writers enjoy visiting. Poet Deukcheon Jang arranged a beautiful garden with a view, and exhibits of 60 pieces of woodblock printing in the outdoors. People enjoy poems with the beautiful scenery. The village also includes a Stork Rock that looks like a stork bird, close to the “Writing Lover Notdari House.”

    Route Scenery

    Lotus Flower Village Route