Cultural Facility

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Daejeon National Cemetery
Cultural Facility
San 23-1 Gap-dong Yuseong-gu Daejeon


This National Cemetery was built July 15, 1955 in Dongjak-dong, Seoul in order to commemorate the fallen soliders and heroes who sacrified their lives for their homeland and people, specifically: patriots and matrys who fought against the Japanese brutal colonialism, the Korean War, and Vietnam War. However, the capacity of the burial reached its limitation. Six soldiers from the Ministry of National Defence and two civilians started searching for an additional site for a new national cemetery. They searched for 9 months from Febrary 1975 to Octorber 1975. As a result, they moved it to the current site which is located in Gapdong Yuseonggu Daeduckgun Chungnam (currently, Gapdong, Yuseonggu, Daejeon) on April 14, 1976. This cemetery consists of 5 divisions: Graves for patriots who fought for Korea’s independence against Japan nationally, and internationally, graves for men of national merit that secrificed their lives for the development of the nation after establishing the new government after the Japanesse colonialism, graves for soldiers (generals, officers and the rank and file), graves for police officers, and graves for some public.


  • Additional Facilities:

    Memorial Hall, Enshrinement Hall, Memorial Tower, Memorial Gate, Hokuk Suiseki Aboritum, Memorial Pond, Heavenly Flying Hourse, Red Gate, Memorial Fountain Tower, Wild Flower Park, Clock Tower, Resting Place, Green Park